Spot welding equipment for BMW

Morsbach, 11.04.2016. The premium manufacturer BMW is known for precision and innovative technologies and has ordered 6 additional multifunctional spot welding machines for its pilot halls in the BMW FIZ Research and Innovation Center.

The MIDIspot VISION AV with medium frequency inverter technology and built-in active cooling unit are delivered with C and X guns and come standard with the well-known control technology Virtual machine (VM2), which stands for fully automated spot welding - including integrated quality assurance system ELMA QS.

In this case, the welding guns fittings are individually adapted to the requirements of BMW production and are delivered with special geometries of the electrode arms.

Besides the significant energy savings through this welding system - the guns are generally operating with currents between 8 - 10 kA - the BMW workers are pleased with the ergonomically favorable guns weights for an unproblematic handling of the guns in everyday welding practice (14.5 and 10.5 kg without arms).

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