Success Story: Resistance spot welding technology for efficient car body construction

With the introduction of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels for weight reduction in the automotive body construction throughout the last 20 years, the requirements for the joining techniques used in car body manufacturing have increased tremendously.

After two years of research in cooperation with Opel (GM), ELMA-Tech launched in 2008 successfully a completely new spot welding technology. This is a fully automatic point welding machine, which calculates the needed weld nugget size for the successful welding from the overall plate thickness measured by the welding gun when it is closed and runs the spot welding process according to a fully automatic method.

midispot vision bg 674 x 674
Mobile Spot Welding Machine MIDIspot VISION AV - Robust system for industrial use with internal active cooling, equipped with welding process control Virtual Machine for fully automatic spot welding. Also available for connection to the cooling ring line if required.

In the following years, this technological overall concept of a modern machine design combined with virtual measuring technology and the unique efficiency advantages of the innovative welding process control (virtual machine) convinced many automotive manufacturers.

ELMA-Tech mobile Plug & Play spot welding machines with internal active cooling and handy, lightweight, robust welding guns make their way into prototype construction, pre-production pilot plants and reworking stations of the VW Group (VW, Audi, Skoda, Porsche, MAN Truck And Bus AG), Opel, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Ford and Magna Steyr. A truly global success story!

The ELMA-Tech Plug & Play concept, which eliminates extensive welding tests and parametrization settings, and - in a nutshell - reduces the workload to a simple three step: turn on the machine, perform an electrode check and weld.

Here completely different materials can be welded without interruptions for the adjustment of new parameters or selecting of new programs, a situation which is often encountered in body construction and a cost brake which is extremely effective for automotive projects.

composing vm cm 674 x 674
Lightweight industrial welding guns ELMA VISION VM & CM. These welding guns have been designed for high industrial and automotive requirements of serial production and score in the fields of performance, robustness in durability and in weight.

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