Our expertise for the efficiency of your welding processes

Arc technology from ELMA-Tech GmbH

In the field of plasma-arc and resistance technology ELMA-Tech GmbH achieves with their “made in Germany” welding machines and its microprocessor-based control "Virtual Machine” particularly unrivaled results at the customer in terms of

  • welding quality
  • process safety and
  • energy efficiency.

elmatech prozesstechnologie widerstand

This process controlled automatic multifunction welding controller allows fully automated resistance spot welding particularly without any preset parameters!

The specific research and development in resistance welding with the use of unique virtual technologies in the field of measurement and generator technology allows both the safe welding of most actual high-strength steels and thin aluminum sheets which are used more and more in automobile production.

The performance profile of ELMA-Tech:

  • High-performance power sources with process control Virtual machine (VM3)

    for applications in the fields of spot welding, arc welding, submerged arc welding, plasma coating, arc spraying, annealing
  • Welding power sources with process control Virtual machine (VM3)

    - for manually guided ELMA-Tech spot welding guns for the automotive industry
      (prototyping, pilot halls, rework stations) and for vehicle repair.

    - for robot-guided spot welding guns of all welding gun manufacturers in use in
      the automotive industry and industry

Customers of ELMA-Tech GmbH come from the industrial sector and automotive sector (car manufacturers, suppliers and BIW production), and from the segment of collision repair shops.

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