Multifunctional welding system MIDI MIG 300/800 AC/DC G W

Low-spatter MIG / MAG AC impulse welding with converter

The enhanced AC pulse technology enables a new dimension of arc welding of heat-sensitive materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and other heat sensitive alloys.

The MIG AC process regulates the separation of penetration bead by switching over perodically the negative and positive polarity and at low or high energy phases. During the positive energy phase the bead is removed from the wire end that was preheated before in the negative energy phase and is transferred to the workpiece without spatter. Additionally, the MIDI MIG 300 AC/DC machines offer all MIDI MIG DC programs with the same weld or braze characteristics!

The machines of the MIDI generation are equipped with a database that practically includes all welding properties for all current welding methods and types of processes including all necessary welding parameters. Via single-knob control the user can set his machine on specific tasks within a short time.


  • Construction and stainless steels of all kinds
  • Aluminum, copper, magnesium, brass, titanium, nickel and their alloys
  • High heat sensitive alloys
  • Galvanized sheets

Welding methods

  • MIG AC pulse welding, MIG DC pulse welding, MIG / MAG welding, DUAL spot welding, MIG brazing TIG Lift Arc

elma tech working with vm3

elma tech cold elmarc EN

Water-cooled ELMA-Tech AC welding machine MIDI MIG 300/800 AC / DC W with VM3 welding process control.
Water-cooled MIDI MIG 300 AC/DC W.
Particularly suitable for welding aluminium thin sheets even under 1 mm sheet thickness!

Gas-cooled ELMA-Tech AC welding machine MIDI MIG 300/800 AC / DC G with VM3 welding process control.
Gas-cooled MIDI MIG 300 AC/DC G.

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