Inert gas welding machines EL-MIG 165, 200 multi

EL-MIG 165 is a compact, lightweight portable inverter, for example ideal for assembly work. Wire rolls up to 200 mm can be used. Cored wire can be welded with polarity changes without gas. For longer seams the process can be switched to 4 stroke operation.

The larger EL-MIG 200 multi is optimized for MIG welding, but can also TIG. Sheet metal up to 6 mm is easily welded thanks to a good duty cycle at 200 A.

The device has a PFC function installed. Thus welding goes up to 200 A with only 16 A fuse. PFC reduces the connection current by 35%, the power consumption is correspondingly lower. This means that the device is very economical.

Standard equipment

  • Welding machine
  • Welding torch MG 150 / 3m
  • Workpiece lead
  • Gas hose
  • Pressure regulator

Welding methods

  • MIG, TIG Lift Arc (200 multi), MMA

el mig 165 web
EL-MIG 165

el mig 200 multi web
Pulse current machine EL-MIG 200 multi

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