Pulse welding machine VARIO MIG 4003 DV 36

Variable, fast and safe welding! The modular and innovative concept of VARIO MIG 4003 DV provides a wide range of applications in manual or automatic low-spatter welding to industrial users.

MIG / MAG pulse arc welding (MIGp / MAGp)

With this welding process, the drop removal is regulated by switching over periodically from the low to the high energy phase and vice versa. During the high energy phase, a drop is removed from the wire tip that was preheated before in the low energy phase and then goes over to the work piece without spatter. Without any interruption, pulse phases during which the drop is removed and ground phases for maintaining the arc succeed each other.

MIG/MAG dual-pulse welding

This welding process is especially suitable for the welding of aluminium and stainless steel. Compared to the MIG/MAG pulse arc welding process, the welding seams are of improved quality. In addition, the more expensive TIG welding seams can be replaced in most cases. Changing over from the ground-pulse phase (PS1) to the dual-pulse phase (PS2) guarantees the precise regulation of root pass, scaled weld and heat input.

High-speed MIG/MAG welding

This process offers a considerably improved efficiency compared to the conventional MIG/MAG welding process. High-speed welding with VARIO MIG welding sets is the perfect combination of wire feeding speed, inert gas type and electrode feeding.


  • Construction and stainless steels of all kinds
  • Aluminum, copper, magnesium, brass, titanium, nickel and their alloys
  • High heat sensitive alloys
  • Galvanized sheets

Welding methods

  • MIG/MAG pulse arc welding (MIGp / MAGp), MIG/MAG Dual pulse welding, MIG/MAG high speed welding, TIG Lift Arc

elma tech working with vm3

Pulse welding system VARIO MIG 4003 DC with wire feed device DV 14 by ELMA-Tech GmbHPulse welding system VARIO MIG 4003 DC with up-to-date VM3 welding process control (Picture with wire feed device DV 14 with special screening of the feed unit for better dust protection).

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