MIDI TIG 300 DC AC/DC (gas cooled or water cooled)

ELMA MIDI TIG welding sets are the answer to the professional requirements of today and tomorrow. Besides conventional TIG welding performance, the ELMA MIDI TIG welding units also are suitable for long-pulse welding, pulse-arc welding up to 200 Hz and last but not least for MIX-TIG welding.

The latter stands for a smooth positional welding performance as the result of a specially controlled change between direct and alternating current. Especially for AC welding tasks, ELMA FLEX WAVE permits the maximum reduction of electrode consumption and welding noise.

    Direct current welding sets for the professional welding of non-corrodible and acid-resistant steel, of copper, titanium, nickel, brass as well as of unalloyed and low-alloy steel.
    Welding unit for direct and alternating current (AC/DC) for perfect results, also when welding aluminium and aluminium alloys.

elma tech working with vm3

elma tech midi tig for automation

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MIDI TIG 300 Coolingshuttle bg web
TIG welding machine MIDI TIG 300 AC with Cooling Shuttle

MIDI TIG 300 AC bg web

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