Profi TIG 250 DC G W, 320 DC G W

These three-phase air-cooled or water-cooled TIG welding inverters meet industrial requirements and are usually combined with water cooling. The devices are equipped with the latest technology. They are remotely controllable.

The machines weld, among others, high-alloyed and non-rusting steels, copper-alloys and titanium. Fastened on a carriage, you get a slightly mobile and flexible welding system for your business.

High duty cycles guarantee solid working and a very good welding quality. In addition, this systems require only a small amount of service.

Welding methods

  • TIG
  • Spot welding
  • Tacking

elma tech profi tig working horses EN

profi tig 250 dc web
TIG welding machine Profi TIG 250 DC G

profi tig 320 dc web
TIG welding machine Profi TIG 320 DC W

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