VARIO TIG DC and AC/DC systems

In addition to the conventional TIG welding, welding with the VARIO TIG welding systems from ELMA-Tech means Long Pulse Welding, pulse welding up to 200 Hz and MIX TIG welding.

MIX TIG welding stands for unproblematic welding in constrained positions by specially controlled switching between AC and DC. In particular in the AC area, ELMA FLEX WAVE guarantees maximum possible reduction of electrode wear and welding sounds.

The VARIO TIG is the connection of functionality and the latest inverter hybrid technology. Available as a direct current (DC) or as a AC/DC systems, there are almost no limits to the applications.

Device types

  • VARIO TIG DC systems: For professional welding of carbon and low alloy steels, stainless steels, copper, titanium, nickel, brass, etc.
    VARIO TIG 250 DC
    VARIO TIG 400 DC

  • VARIO TIG AC and DC systems: In addition for best results when welding aluminum and aluminum alloys.
    VARIO TIG 3502 AC/DC

elma tech working with vm3

elma tech midi tig for automation

icon automation


VARIO TIG 3502 AC DC bg web

VARIO TIG 3502 AC DC Front bg web

VARIO TIG 250 400 bg web
VARIO TIG 200 - 400 DC

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