Maximum flexibility for fully customizable spray processes


Arc spray coatings have a higher bonding strength than most of the other coatings applied in conventional thermal spray process. The ARC wire spraying is a very cost-effective coating method, as several millimeters thick layers can be produced. The sole use of compressed air and electricity leads to a dramatic reduction of energy costs.

The ELMA concept for arc wire spraying

Instead of using a fixed and unchangeable characteristics set ELMA-Tech power sources use entirely free changeable current / voltage curves. Hereby the flexible adjustment of spray parameters for optimized adhesion and extremely fine spray structure is possible, leading to coatings of high quality and overall high coverages.

Process control

In arc wire spraying process the controller "Virtual Machine" ELMA-Tech is used which

  • regulates the user / machine communication (text),
  • defines the respective machine character (Executes),
  • provides processes and process types as purely physical parameters (synergy tables) and
  • guarantees the reproducibility of the specified values for injection in connection with the power formula in hybrid technology

Arc or Spray quality

By VM process control excellent arc and spray quality, both in manual and in automatic spraying is achieved. In particular in automatic spraying previously unattainable results through the innovative software-guided ignition and injection process, are achieved.

With a stable and constant arc even with an output of only 10 amperes an excessive layer thickness is avoided in slow processes.
ELMA-Techs’ superior coating quality compared to conventional spray current sources has also been confirmed in studies by independent institutes.

The real spraying system

Power supply unit, analog support, processor control, communication unit and process-specific options constitute the real spraying system in any constellation.

The generally sequential procedures of processors, even if their cycle speed increases in the future, induce disadvantages in the implementation of the fastest control loops using computer programs.

In order to meet the time-demanding requirements optimally, a fast-working analog support is used for the implementation of the per database defined machine character (Executes).

With the modifiable database, which can be updated and installed via interface, the ELMA-Tech real injection system for arc wire spraying is completed.


  • Simple, intuitive operation by LCD Display
  • Preset of all optimum injection parameters for the most diverse spray materials
  • Change of spray parameters possible during the injection process
  • Even finer spray layers while using less compressed air demand mean significant cost reduction
  • Higher adhesion values ​​without using expensive spray materials
  • Newly designed power modules provide a constant arc and optimal melting behavior even at low voltages
  • Uninterrupted safe spraying with extremely low power possible
  • Copying created spraying programs, duplicating and transferring them to other power sources
  • Completely user-definable, separate spray parameters for starting and stopping the injection process guarantee absolutely flawless spray coatings
  • Ideal for use in automated spray processes, because a precise adaptation of spray parameters to the respective manufacturing process is possible with corresponding interfaces to the second


vario lds 800 externe kuehlung bg web
VARIO LDS 800 - according to customer specifications individually designed constant current source with external cooling.

Application: Coating of cylinder inner surfaces

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