Power source VARIO TS 3000 DC

The ELMA-Tech DC- power source VARIO TS 3000 DC is a fully electronic secondary-clocked high-power source for the arc spraying process with constant voltage or with constant current voltage regulation (digital switchable).


The control concept of the Virtual Machine allows to configurate the power source complete new in static and dynamic by a cycle speed of 50 μs. The parameter for static and dynamic characteristics are selectable in real text in physical values, so that a 100 % reproducability of the generated process understanding is given.

These parameters make it possible to optimise the power source characteristics and therewith the spraying properties for different conditions e.g. spraying speed. Statics und dynamics in conventional power sources are determined by the configuration and the coupling of the transformer and inductor and thereby defined by the hardware.

Segment structure

The process is classified in different segments from start to stop:

  • LIBO START: increasing of electric arc
  • STRIKING: absorption of electric arc
  • WELDING: spraying segment
  • SPRAYING-END: separation of penetration bead, wire burn-back

In every of these segments the spraying process requires different power source properties both for the constant current and for constant voltage, particularly in the range of static and dynamic. Based on the segment structure of the Virtual Machine the ELMA-Tech power source makes it possible that all parameters can be adjusted optimal in physical values on the respective process phase.


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The use of modern inverter power sources and a real-time process control in the microsecond range ensures constant arcs even with an output of only 10 amps.

This unique process utilizing permanent readjustment of most discrete process sections exhibits completely new perspectives for the quality of film thickness, layer structure and liability for many applications.

We are happy to develop solutions for your specific applications, accompany your project through all phases and of course also during commissioning on site to guarantee the proper functioning of your arc wire spraying application.

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