DC and AC high power sources for submerged arc welding

ELMA-Tech high-performance power sources with VM3 process control for submerged arc welding and MAG applications offer the user not only maximum modularity, but also optimum process control with precise adjustment of each process phase at any time thanks to the freely selectable power source characteristics. Ignition, operation, end crater, etc. benefit each from a differentiated generator characteristic.

Modular and very robust power units, each with its own current sensor, stand for flexible power ratings - with an identical design independent of the mains voltage. Current and voltage constant behaviour is guaranteed in every system.

With variable selection of the AC frequency, AC submerged arc welding technology enables any desired curve modulation to be modified, even at zero crossing, because 10 points per half-wave are freely programmable. The synchronization of the AC current source from 0-1800 phase angle is adjustable in degree steps!

Unrestricted automation capability with regard to communication with a PLC is a matter of course. Handling of all fieldbus and communication tools for customer-specific system implementation.

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