Aluminium spot welding system for industrial use

The ELMA CM VISION Alu industrial manual welding gun in combination with the ELMA VMC VISION Alu control cabinet provides an efficient and reliable spot welding system for joining aluminium in the industrial sector.

The design of the complete system follows the Keep it small principle and, in addition to an optional external water recooler, consists of only these two components - no additional equipment or mechanical devices such as circulating processing belts or cap cleaning systems are required.

In addition, 16 mm standard electrode caps (copper chrome zirconium) can be used. In addition to the "VISION AV Alu" welding programme for aluminium, the system is also supplied with the familiar welding programmes for high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels.

elma tech working with vm3

ELMA-Tech Industriepunktschweißzange ELMA VISION CM Alu
Manually guided industrial spot welding gun ELMA VISION CM Alu.

ELMA-Tech Steuerschrank ELMA VMC VISION Alu für industrielles Punktschweißen von Aluminiumverbindungen.
ELMA VMC VISION Alu control cabinet / power source for industrial spot welding of aluminium joints.

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