Economic and ecological advantages

greenMore energy efficient. More eco-friendly.

Due to their construction methods and control technology, ELMA-Tech robot welding guns and hand welding guns provide significant economic and environmental benefits bringing the customers considerable savings potentials.

ELMA-Tech welding guns help our customers to budget more energy-efficient and resource-saving.

The exposure limit values for electromagnetic fields of course comply with EU Directive 2004/40 / EC and basline values by (german) accident prevention regulation BGV B11.

Advantages of the lightweight concept

Significant reduction of physical strain with manual welding guns

  • Welding guns weights around 35 kg mean more than 50% less physical strain for the worker. The results are lower acceleration forces and delays while relocating the guns in the spot welding sequence..

Using smaller robots in robot welding guns

  • Gun weights around 55 kg (CR 52 kg; VR 57 kg) allow the use of smaller and lighter robots (in comparison to guns of the competition weighing more than 110 kg ...). This means about 30% lower installation and operating costs.

Significant operating cost savings

  • Due to the power supply with 400 V / 32 A cost savings of between 3000 € and 4000 € per welding system are realistic according to conservative estimate.
  • Lower expense for hall installations by reducing the electrical connections from 63 to 32 A.
    Use of lighter and more cost-effective suspension systems possible (KWK-rail systems and balancer).

Benefits through the control technology

Significant operating cost savings

  • Further cost savings through reduced start-ups, as there is no need to develop and set any welding parameters with the fully automatic ELMA-Tech spot welding guns. The training of each worker with different sheet samples can be omitted.
    Savings potential 85%.
  • Increased service life of the electrode caps by about 45%.
  • Higher throughput possible by means of a variably adjustable prestroke (7-axis) of the robot gun.
  • The exact process control ensures an almost spatter-free welding. This not only reduces the environmental impact, but also means less cleaning effort.
  • The integrated quality monitoring extends the interval for additional quality checks..
    In this way cost savings can be realized in personnel and in the testing tools (test station)..
  • Saving work surfaces and guns, as through the fully automatic ELMATECH welding guns several AFOs can be welded with the same gun.



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