Spot welding gun ELMA VISION X

Easy and uncomplicated handling in X shape - best welding results

The light weight 10 kHz transformer spot welding guns with integrated cooling system and linear measuring potentiometer for electrode distance measurement easily fulfil all requirements given in the industrial production lines and in the automotive repair.

The control of the welding gun is based on the process control "Virtual Machine" of the welding machine (Please note: 1 control for 1 gun!). The light cable hose packet contains all necessary supply lines for current, control, water and compressed air.

The operation panel integrated in the gun handle give all important information, such as activated fuse protection, completion of the pre-selected number of spots for electrode control, quality assurance statement for energy control and necessary electrode check after switching on or for reached maximum number of spots.

Customized fittings and adapted gun geometries for specific welding tasks are realizible upon customers request. Please ask us!


elma x 250 mm bg web
ELMA VISION X 250 mm electrode arm length

elma x radlaufelektrodenarme bg web
ELMA VISION X with special fitting: Special electrode arms for resistance spot welding of wheel arches.