Many of today's materials show highly specific properties. To process these materials in high quality, the requirements of production change fundamentally. Thanks to the unique control technology developed by ELMA-Tech with operating mode "VISION", you can accurately and promptly respond to this rapidly changing requirements.

ELMA VMC VISION is a process-controlled fully automatic multifunction spot welding control in 10 kHz medium frequency inverter technology, developed for flexible use in manual and robot-controlled production of automobile plants.

  • Resistance spot welding of car bodies
  • Components made of high-tensile, high-strength, coated and bonded steel sheets as well as multiple sheet-joints
  • Quality statement about the welding result
  • Also new sheets can be welded without any additional settings
  • Designed to operate with all ELMA-Tech 10 kHz spot welding guns in C-, X- or V version

elma tech working with vm3

ELMA VMC VISION Steuerschrank für den hängenden Einbau
ELMA VMC VISION: hanging version with 2 ports and 2 controllers

elma tech handgerät elma comExternal control panel for easy configuration of process control VM3 for highly mounted VMC VISION cabinets