Stationary welding of dissimilar materials and welded connections in one operation with reproducible welding quality without parameters determination.

The ELMA concept VISION is a process-controlled fully automatic (= self-adjusting) spot welding machine with 10 kHz medium frequency inverter technology, designed and developed for stationary resistance spot welding, especially for welding of stainless steel and components made of high-tensile, high-strength and coated steel sheets with quality statement about the process (welding results).

The control is effected by the power source to the integrated Virtual Machine (VM3), which automatically controls and monitors the joining over the entire course of the process. The welds can be performed in automatic mode or in standard mode by manual setting of parameters.

  • Welding of different materials and welds in one continuous process
  • Reproducible welding quality
  • No parameter determination required
  • Increased productivity and cost savings by reducing set-up times and faster throughput of the production order
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Individual customer solutions through modular design
  • Long-term investment security by flexible, future-proof control technology and permanent updates for the virtual machine
  • For certified DIN ISO enterprises the system may be fitted also with quality management system
  • Optionally available with larger dual stroke to increase the power and speed of the stroke rate

elma tech working with vm3

ELMAconcept VISION zum stationären Widerstandspunktschweißen

All the necessary welding processes in one device

Automatic mode

  • Automatic detection of total sheet thickness
  • Automatic detection of the type of material (normal / high-strength)
  • Automatic determination of the welding nugget size by continuous process control of the total energy input

Manual mode (manual parameter settings if necessary)

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