ELMAspot VISION for economic car repair

The ideal entry into economic car repair without compromising quality! With software for fully automated spot welding already in the standard.

Fully automatic process-controlled multifunction spot welding machine with 10 kHz medium frequency inverter technology for resistance spot welding of components made of high-tensile, high-strength, coated and bonded steel sheets as well as metal multiple sheet-joints with quality statement about the welding result (no parameter determination necessary).

To operate a spot welding gun in C or X version.

Car repair with ELMAspot VISION - an economical solution!

elma tech working with vm3


Mobile and flexible use in the industrial sector and in the body shop.

With water tank (70 liter, without active cooling) or with active cooling (refrigeration unit with adjustable flow temperature).

Individual solutions such as connection to an external ring main or an external active cooler (if continuous operation is required) are possible.

elmaspot vision web
Version with 70 l water tank (without active cooling)

No more adjustments ... only weld!

elmaspot display web

The SpotQS Viewer welding data documentation records and evaluates welding parameters of spot welds. These include, for example, the selected program, the material thickness, electrode force, welding result etc.

After the end of a welding job, the parameters and the welding result are written on a USB stick. The result of a weld point is reflected in the image of the QS indicator lights in the front panel.


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