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Spot welding machine PREMIUMspot Vision for car repair

Multifunction spot welding machine in the premium class with complete software package for worry-free automotive repair! This machine replaces model MIDIspot VISION QSVM.

This automatic spot welding machine was developed for bodywork reconstruction, especially in the field of lightweight construction and handles aluminum welding of aluminum thin sheet up to 3 mm.

Designed to operate with all ELMA-Tech 10 kHz spot welding guns in C- or X-version.

Resistance spot welding of vehicle bodies, especially of components made of higher-tensile, high-strength, coated and bonded steel sheets, as well as metal compounds with quality statement about the welding result (no parameter determination necessary). Thanks to the unique control technology "Virtual Machine" new plates can also be welded without any additional settings.

No more adjustments ... only weld!

All the necessary welding processes in one device:

  • Current / time  conventional (constant current regulation)
    Adjustment: single-parameter
  • Energy control: bypass and partial isolation compensation, quality assurance system "ELMA-QS"
    Adjustment: total sheet thickness, type of material
  • Fully automatic process control of welding (VISION)
    Adjustment: None - just activate the start-trigger!
    Automatic detection of total sheet thickness
    Automatic detection of the type of material (normal / high-strength)
    Automatic determination of the welding nugget size by continuous process control of the total energy input
  • Spotting (optional)

The german "Society for Welding Technology International Ltd. / Welding Training and Research Institute SLV Duisburg" states in its test report from11.03.2015:

"No deeper welding skills must be provided for the setting of the system, if it is working in operating mode "VISION SPECIAL". The adjustment of parameters, including the electrode force, is carried out automatically by the device software. [...]

In experiments with the automatic selection of parameters at various combinations of steel sheet, the average values of the spot diameter were in all cases above the values required in each case. There were weld spatter in only 7% of the welds. Tests according to DVS 2521-2 with different stepped disturbances at 3 selected sheet combinations showed advantages opposite to comparative values (KSR).

The new aluminum mode "VISION ALU", in which a maximum total plate thickness up to 3.0 mm can be welded from 3.0 and in which the parameters are selected by the system itself, showed good results up to a total sheet thickness of about 2.7 mm. [ ...] So far this is the first machine on the market in the area of repair facilities, that has a special operating mode for aluminum spot welding."

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MIDIspot Vision Balancer




Premium class for car repair

Mobile resistance spot welding system (if required available also with active cooling)

MIDIspot Vision QSVM 9000 12000T ohne kühler web


Future-proof automotive welding technology

Bodyshells made in modern lightweight require a safe, fast and efficient repair technology in your car repair shop! We offer complete and individual repair solutions to body shops.

Our spot welding machine "PREMIUMspot VISION" offers spot welding in automatic mode without setting of parameters and is in use at many automobile manufacturers (as version MIDIspot VISION AV) for years.

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X-gun adapters

x zangen adapter

Keep flexible and use X-gun adapters in the body repair! For customers who operate our fully automatic spot welding machines with a standard C-transformer gun, but need a X-gun for occasional welding tasks.