ELMA QS-System

Integrated quality managment system ELMA-QS

The Virtual Machine is an innovative control technology with integrated quality management system which monitors the welding task over the entire duration of the process. It begins with the determination of the initial situation of the joint to the actual creation and completion of the welding spot. The end result is displayed via the QS lights on the control panel.

The quality management contains a database with all necessary parameters to control the process. The parameters are divided according to material thickness.

To prevent an overload of existing main fuses we implemented an automatic start lock. Data transfer and storage is done via USB.

Features of the ELMA-QS system

  • Monitoring of 4 analog signals (wire speed, welding current, voltage etc.) with freely programmable tolerance limits (warning- and error limit)
  • Digital recording of all error messages such as e.g. GAS, WATER etc. depending on the existing sensors
  • The sampling rate is adjustable up to 100ms which means fast speed for data recording and all analog and digital values, optimally adjusted for the welding process
  • Component counter for assignment of the recorded data to the weld piece on the ELMA USB stick
  • Free programming of the respective tolerances for all analogue values
  • Utilization and availability monitoring
  • Optional evaluation of external signals (e.g. cold wire etc.)
  • Direct information to operator through control display with error log in text
  • Event viewer (warning or error message) through QS lights on the machine
  • The accurate process analysis enables the ELMA-Tech visualization and analysis software

USB interface / Remote maintenance

  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance through data logs of operating states and errors (*VM3)
  • Backup of custom made welding programs
  • Complete backup either automatically or manually
  • Visualization of individual welding programs on PC
  • Cloning machine data (transfer the virtual part of one machine to another)
  • Firmware updates or updates of the welding parameters database to always ensure the latest technology
  • Custom process optimization (e.g. new materials or new welding methods)
  • The user interface can be changed to another language quickly and easily


*Feature of the announced 3rd generation of the Virtual machine VM3 (Q4 / 2016)

Ausschnitt Bedienpanel einer MIDIspot VISION

ELMA QS indication lights: Detail of a control panel of a MIDIspot Vision AV.

The signaling of the indication lights provides precise information about the quality of the welding spot!

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