Welding data documentation

With the welding data documentation SPOT-QS vehicle specific welding parameters are recorded and evaluated. These include e.g. the selected program, material thickness, electrode force, welding result etc.

The parameters and the welding result are both stored on an USB stick after the welding process ends. The result of a weld spot is also visible through the QS lights on the control panel.

The recording can be started, after inputting the job data (2 mandatory fields), by simply pressing a button on the machine. After the process ends it can be stopped just as easily.

The number of all welding spots in one job marked with “green” is visualized on the display for control purposes. After the simple initial setup, the operator can immediately start welding.

When the welding process ends the recording is stopped by pressing the STOP-QS button. All previously generated welding data is now stored on an USB stick. This data can be further processed on a PC with the evaluation and documentation software “Win-SPOT-QS”. The intuitive menu navigation and search function makes it very easy to access vehicle specific welding data.

Furthermore, it is possible to complete the missing job data fields and to visualize the welding results. They can be stored or printed when required. Also the integration of a custom company logo during the visualization of the welding data on the PC or when printing is possible.

Example of a printout of the documentation

spot qs print web

spot qs web en

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