Robust spot welding guns with lightweight design in 10kHz transformer technology for manual or automatic (robot) usage

+ Fast inverter technology
+ fast control technology
+ automatic mode “VISION”

= ELMA-Tech spot welding guns with unique features.

In recent years ELMA-Tech GmbH was able to set essential accents in the field of resistance spot welding through the development and market introduction of the fully automatic lightweight manual spot welding gun in 10 kHz inverter technology.

To achieve this, three significant technical developments were combined here:

  • The fast 10 kHz inverter technology with lightweight transformers
  • The fast welding process control “Virtual Machine” with a 50µs processing cycle, which monitors the welding process during the entire duration with a frequency in the microsecond range
  • The fully automatic operating mode “VISION” which allows to spot weld without any parameter adjustments by the operator


  • No adjustment of parameters
  • Spot weld assurance system
  • Low gun weight of approx. 15-35kg instead of 90kg and more of conventional guns
  • Simple assembly and disassembly
  • Power Supply 32A / 400V (possible savings 3-400 € per machine)
  • Improved life span of electrode caps (approx. +45%)
  • Very short and simple commissioning of the machines (savings up to 85%)
  • Almost spatter free welding, less cleaning
  • Quality monitoring: extended intervals, no test station needed
  • Better compatibility for workers through reduced electromagnetic field
  • Flexible use and simple handling

ELMA-Tech spot welding gun ELMA Vision VM for industry & automotive (manual production)


Industrial welding gun ELMA VISION VM by ELMA-Tech for robust applications in automotive and industry.

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